Assistant Professor, Digital Systems Department of the School of Technology @ University of Thessaly

Apostolos Xenakis is an Assistant Professor at the department of Digital Systems, University of Thessaly. He received his PhD from the Electrical and Computer Engineering of University of Thessaly (UTH). 

He completed his PostDoc research at the department of Computer Science and Telecommunications at UTH, dealing with WSN and IoT in precision agriculture and Industry 4.0 applications. He has worked in several companies as a network analyst and engineer. He has participated in National and EU funded projects as a researcher. 

He has been an academic partner and lecturer for over 7 years at TEI of Thessaly (former) and TEI of Central Greece (former), teaching Computer Networking Technologies, Programming (C/C++/Java), Telecommunications, Wireless Systems and Relational Databases lectures. Since 2014 he is an Academic Fellow Lecturer at the department of Computer Science and Telecommunications at UTH, teaching Computer Networks, Algorithms and Java Programming language. He has also collaborated, as a Lecturer, in (2) MSc programs for 3 years dealing with Networking and Internet of Things. Since 2013 he has been supervised over 10 undergraduate and postgraduate thesis.

His research interests include networking technologies, Internet of Things (IoT), Fog Computing, Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs), Wireless Communications, mathematical modelling for communications, energy efficient communications and optimization algorithms, efficient routing, AI and Cognitive Systems, Arduino Automations, STEM and Educational Robotics. He has published papers regarding these areas and He holds a PostDoc title in IoT and Fog networking technologies in Industrial Automation, from CS and Telecommunications department of UTH. Finally, he collaborates, as a scientific lecturing stuff,  with (2) seminar / programs with the Lifelong learning department of UTH, the first one dealing with Cisco CCNA/CCNP certifications the second one dealing with STEM activities and Computational Thinking. Since 2019 he is member of STEM – eduRobotics – Informatics SeRi’s team. Finally, he has participated in several entrepreneur/business seminars and actions at the University of Thessaly, as a mentor