Master NLP Practitioner & Coach

My name is Vasilis Theodossiou and I am a certified Master NLP Practitioner / Coach by the international organization INLPTA (International NLP Training Association). I was born in 1973 in Athens where I studied Food Technology, while my first postgraduate degree was in Business Administration from the University of Strathclyde in Scotland.

I have experience in the management of quality assurance and food safety (ISO) systems since 1999. Experiences and images from the companies I worked for (multinational and domestic, family and non-family owned, large and small, in all having a position of responsibility) lit up my path so that in 2014 I started my own consulting company under the name “Virtuous Triad”.

My constant (self)-search led me further into the world of Coaching / Mentoring but also the realization to do with excessive passion what I love most professionally, which is adult training/education. So, since 2000 I have the pleasure and honor to have trained (and continue) more than 9,000 people in technical matters (e.g. food safety / quality systems management, project management) but also non-technical (e.g. emotional intelligence, time management, effective communication, team management).

I remember myself, my fears, insecurities and second thoughts, before my decision to swim in the unknown waters of entrepreneurship and this reminder was the reason for my participation in the STARTAB Entrepreneurship Program. I am here to share technical business tools and to help you discover the strength, the determination and the tools you have within you, for the next steps of your career.