The STARTAB Entrepreneurship Programme celebrates the 50th explore enterprise course!

June 2023 was an important milestone for the STARTAB Entrepreneurship Programme as it marked the completion of the 50th completed explore enterprise course.

With a strong impact, STARTAB is evolving and marking a successful course with the aim of developing the general business culture, reducing unemployment and a vision to establish itself as the largest Entrepreneurship Programme in the country.

According to a survey conducted in the context of completion of the 50th explore enterprise course, 91% of the participants state that the Programme exceeds or fully meets their expectations and 95% of them have evaluated their overall satisfaction as positive.

Maroula, after attending the 50thexplore enterprise course, said “Extremely structured Program! It provides valuable information on the key things a new entrepreneur needs to keep in mind, practical exercises for better understanding in an experiential way to cater for different learning styles, and ongoing guidance and support at all stages. I feel ready to take the next step.”

The support and dedication of partners, volunteers and donors led to the success of the Programme. Since the start of the Programme in 2018 until today, more than 950 participants have attended the 4-day entrepreneurship seminar, 350 participants have moved to the stage of mentoring, of which 46 have already completed their business plan and established their business.

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