The business Greek with Nancy, flourished with the support of the STARTAB Program

The companies established with the support of STARTAB concern all sectors of the Greek economy. Retail stores, creative studios, sustainability services, training centers, real estate management services are some of the business ideas that have become reality in Attica, Thessaloniki, Patras and Kozani, essentially supporting the self-employment of young people throughout Greece.

STARTAB counts another success story, different to what it has supported so far. With 8 years of experience teaching the Greek language and having now gained experience through many collaborations, Nancy Katsagounou believed that she could create her own business. So, he created the company Greek with Nancy, with the motto: “Speak Greek! Live like a Greek!”

«I didn’t know what to do first to start a business (business plan, strategy, financial projections. The Programme helped me organize the information in my mind. For example, having a plan in front of me and knowing what I need to do to achieve my goals makes me feel confident and keep going, even if I sometimes face difficulties. I believe that if I had not taken part in the Programme, it would have been difficult for me to be sure that what I already know, but also what I learn by attending seminars or reading, is important for my business. Overall, it helped me understand how a business works, what to look out for and how to think about it. Since then, I have more students and I have developed my teaching methods,” says Nancy Katsagounou about the support she received from the Program.

Nancy stands out because she teaches Greek online with the aim of not only teaching grammar and vocabulary – which are essential – but also integrating cultural and other elements of Greek culture.

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