STARTAB is forming a business culture for young people

Going through the 4th year of operation, the STARTAB Entrepreneurship Program, which is implemented by Corallia with the support of Prince’s Trust International, continues its offer with the main goal of developing entrepreneurship in the country – it is educating, guiding, and supporting young people to mature their business ideas, contributing holistically to the formation of the business culture in Greece.

To date, more than 770 young people have attended the 4-day Business Seminar. A graduate of the Program stated characteristically: “One of the best programs I have attended. I am a 21-year-old student with a lot of anxieties and fears about entrepreneurship. This seminar showed me that entrepreneurship in Greece exists and is improving every day, filling with hope for the future”.

Since the launch of the Programme, more than 270 young people have received the valuable guidance of Mentors, who provide their services pro bono to young entrepreneurs. A member of the Programme’s Network of Mentors says: “As a mentor, you must be willing to share with young people all the experience you gather in a lifetime because it can be useful for their lives, their work, or their new business venture.”

A total of 28 business plans have been completed and presented to the Business Launch Group, with a group of Alumni stating: “The Programme has helped us to follow the right paths before starting our business. We are also very grateful for the mentor we have been assigned to and for the help he has given us.”

Of particular importance are the results of a STARTAB survey to understand the attitude of young people to their future at work. 78% said they are interested in a job in the green economy or the digital economy sector, while 75% are willing to work in the technology sector and 36% plan to start their own business. STARTAB is an outlet and solution offering free training, support, and guidance of any idea, thanks to the many years of experience of the contributors in supporting young entrepreneurs and its strong network of business consultants.

STARTAB is fully aligned with the 2030 Agenda and the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals. It ensures free, equal, and quality education aims at gender equality with 48% of the young people entering the Programme being men and 51% women, promotes sustainable and inclusive economic growth, and creates partnerships that put young people at the center.

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