New company Charisma Works dedicated to Public Speaking and Public Relations

With the support of STARTAB Entrepreneurship Programme, start-up Charisma Works is conquering the space of public speaking training, event management, and general public relations.
Charisma Works appeals to a wide range of audiences, including young people, students, entrepreneurs, and private sector workers. The company offers its audience Masterclasses through educational platforms, seminars in university institutions, interactive workshops, and online sessions, either individually or in groups, tailored to the audience’s needs.
The founder of Charisma Works, Karina Iskadarova, has over 8 years of experience in Greece and the USA in public speaking, event organization, and media representation. As a Public Speaking Mentor, he helps those who face fear and anxiety to speak in public or promote themselves, whether for public presentations, admission interviews in universities abroad, or job interviews, always with respect, patience, and credibility.
Karina Iskadarova shares her experience: “I was very pleased with all the stages of the program. At the 4-day Entrepreneurship Seminar, I interacted with very remarkable people with a love for business and gained a more comprehensive picture of how the world of entrepreneurship works. All contributors of the program helped me feel comfortable!”

The purpose of the STARTAB Entrepreneurship Programme is to empower young people with the skills and guidance they need to start their own business, achieve financial independence and change their lives. The Programme provides ongoing training and support to aspiring entrepreneurs, helping them build a solid foundation for their businesses. The Programme has many successful ideas and businesses that have been created with its help and are constantly growing, contributing to the self-employment of young people throughout Greece.

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