STARTAB Entrepreneurship Programme has supported more than 1000 young men and women

The STARTAB Entrepreneurship Programme which focuses on entrepreneurship and life skills development has supported more than 1000 young men and women, providing free training, consultancy and business mentoring, business start-up support and access to a wide network of partners.

STARTAB is now in its 5th year, with a mission to create a network where young men and women can access know-how to grow their business, generate income and job opportunities for others. Over 1000 young men and women have explored the business world and all have the opportunity to nurture and develop their business skills and abilities, receive valuable knowledge and personalized support to create their business plan and start their own sustainable business.

Dr. Jorge-A. Sanchez-P., coordinator of STARTAB in Greece and co-founder of Corallia, says about the future: “The Program owes its success to the support and dedication of partners, volunteers and donors. From 2018 until today, over 1000 participants have attended the 4-day Entrepreneurship Seminar, 369 participants have progressed to the mentoring stage and 49 of them have already completed the business plan and established their business with the help of over 100 Mentors of the Program”.

‘The Corallia Startab programme has gone from strength to strength. Corallia continues to support a large number of young people to realise and launch their business ideas, and they are building a community of entrepreneurs including alumni and mentors across Athens and beyond. PTI is very proud to support this programme and be part of the impact it makes on young people in Greece.” Jo Parsons, Director of Delivery & Impact Prince’s Trust International

According to a survey carried out, 91% of the participants stated that the Program exceeds or fully meets their expectations and 95% of them evaluated their overall satisfaction as positive.

Speaking about her own experience, Panagiota said: “I would just like to mention that this seminar was very, very helpful for me, who had no knowledge of entrepreneurship. All the staff were very helpful in organizing my thoughts and knowing where to start. I would like to thank you all!”

STARTAB creates knowledge networks that support young men and women to connect with others, give access to information about entrepreneurship and strengthen efforts to promote entrepreneurial values and decent employment opportunities.

The Program also promotes and contributes to the Sustainable Development Goals by ensuring equal access to education for all, achieving gender equality, and creating partnerships that empower young men and women. The Program ensures that education is free, fair, and of high quality for all.

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