STARTAB | Free support for youth entrepreneurship

Completing the 3rd year of operation and having helped more than 660 young people to explore entrepreneurship, the Entrepreneurship Programme, from April 2022, is renamed STARTAB. The contributors and the vision of the Programme remain the same, aiming for the next three years, the continuous education and guidance of young people to develop their business skills and make their dream come true by starting their own businesses.

The STARTAB Entrepreneurship Programme is run by Corallia with the support of Prince’s Trust International and is offered free of charge to young people aged 18-35. The STARTAB Entrepreneurship Programme Coordinator and Corallia co-founder, Dr. Jorge-A. Sanchez-P., stated in this regard: “The Programme, recognizing the high unemployment rates of young people in Greece, aims to strengthen the business culture of young people in order to explore and learn about entrepreneurship. The actions of the Programme will strengthen even more intensively the Greek economy through the sustainable enterprises that are established while at the same time they increase the employability rates of the young people “. At the same time, the volunteer ambassador of Prince’s Trust International in Greece, Mr. Evangelos Manoudakis, states: “The purpose of Prince’s Trust internationally is to support young people for a better future, through education and employment Programmes. Greece is the first country outside Great Britain where we implement our actions for the strengthening of youth entrepreneurship. We warmly thank Corallia, our partner in Greece, for the unique real cooperation and its actions towards the successful course of STARTAB for the realization of the common vision. We will continue to design and offer Programmes that enable young people to learn, to win, to thrive, to build their own tomorrow “.

STARTAB is fully in line with Agenda 2030 and the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals, which 67% of young people consider important for society, the environment and good business. The Programme ensures free, equal and quality education aims at gender equality, promotes sustainable and inclusive economic development and creates partnerships that put young people at the center.

Since the start of the Programme, 36 cycles of entrepreneurship seminars have been completed with 87% of the participants positively evaluating the support they received. Giannis, concluding the 4-day Seminar, stated: “I am very grateful that I was given the opportunity to participate in the Programme. “I felt desperate, thrown into a sea because I have decided to do something difficult; while now I feel that I now have the tools and I can do it.”

More than 238 young people have received mentoring from the Programme’s 108 mentors. Costas, speaking about his own experience, said: “The help and advice of my mentor helped me a lot in my first steps and continue to help me in the continuation of my professional career! A big dream has just begun!”

STARTAB aims to establish itself as the largest Entrepreneurship Programme in Greece. The many years of experience of the contributors in supporting young entrepreneurs and the strong network of business consultants that it has are valuable factors in supporting the startups that will contribute to the restart of the economy as Greece emerges from the recession.


If you are 18-35 years old and interested in participating in the Programme, you can express your interest at the link:

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer mentor in the Programme, you can express your interest at the link:

If you are interested in supporting young entrepreneurs as a sponsor, you can visit the Programme’s website for more information.