The inspiration of this idea was based on two pillars of needs – problems of the modern Greek market. Initially, the competition between Greek companies in terms of finding suitable staff is great, as a result of which they are constantly trying to improve their services in relation to health and other sectors, in order to attract new employees and retain existing ones. On the other hand, health problems (psychological and physical), due to lack of exercise, tend to increase constantly in the workplace, which negatively affects the financial performance of companies. However, companies do not have the proper means to promote work sports to their employees, as a result of which they get very sick, have low self-confidence, which translates into a decrease in business income. At the same time, sports companies are trying to increase their clientele and improve their promotional tactics. SPORTANY can act as the smart link between the two problems – needs, providing the solution through work sports. How does SPORTANY work? Initially, the sports companies that want to be promoted, come into our application, the companies that want their employees to play sports, pay a subscription per employee to SPORTANY. Every employee through the SPORTANY application, can choose any sports company of the application to play sports, every day and a different one if he wishes, by simply checking in at the sports field. Also, through the application – platform, users will be able to see all the useful information about the services, to contact the sports service providers and other members of SPORTANY, to evaluate the sports services and to book their place in advance. In this way, SPORTANY will be able to increase the income of sports services and improve the performance and profitability of non-sports companies, as their employees will be healthier physically and mentally and will experience new pleasant recreational experiences. In this way, companies will be able to structure and improve their image, and in this way they will have the opportunity to be a priority in the selection of new employees, thus improving their competitive position in the market.

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