Business Development Executive

Andreas is a Business Development Executive with Academic Knowledge, Professional Experience and many Achievements in the Fields of Sales, Marketing, Management, Digital & Finance. He Combines These Fields Effectively Creating Unique Value Proposals. He holds an MBA with Marketing Specialization from the University of Macedonia from which he graduated with Honors. Holds a Fertile Professional Course in Various Fields with Continuous Evolution in Greek Companies but also in a Multinational Environment. He Has Designed a Brand (h-Pharmacy) from scratch, Brand Identity, Strategic & Operational Philosophy, Marketing Plan, Business Model.

He is Very Interested in Working on Difficult and Complex Projects and Collaborating with People or Companies with an Ambitious Vision and Very High Goals. He loves Academic Knowledge, Continuous Evolution in all Fields, People who Smile and Think Positively “Out of The Box”!

Favorite Quote:Because the People who are Crazy Enough to Think they can Change the World are the Ones Who Do” Steve Jobs, (1955-2011)

Favorite Heroes: Steve Jobs, Peter Drucker, Philip Kotler, Mick Jagger, Alexander the Great, Aristotle.