Spring Bloom

Educational seminars on sexual education for children and teenagers (including PWDs/PWDs of the same age group).

In collaboration with the Hellenic Society of Adolescent Medicine, we aim to secure the right educational material and create a strategic partnership for conducting the seminars with suitable trainers.(probably undergraduate and postgraduate students of EKPA who would be interested in participating in the project).

The active cooperation of the Hellenic Society of Adolescent Medicine with educational institutions and the possibility of promoting SPRING BLOOM in them, is a guarantee for the project that we wish to carry out together.

The seminars are conducted by youth for youth, i.e. people up to 30 years old such as students, postgraduates, and other scientists.

Youth to Youth training has been proven in the literature to have penetration and results in the target population. As part of the program, seminars on these topics will be held for parents and teachers.

The program will be interactive and will include educational videos, games, Q&A and presentation by experts in the field.
It also includes topics previously excluded from the curriculum, such as boyfriend identity, sexual orientation, and appropriate treatment and prevention of sexual violence.

SPRING BLOOM is an education and communication organization that aims to develop educational programs on social issues for children, teenagers and young people. The organization will start with private institutions, with the aim of expanding to the public education system. Each project that will run has a separate name and theme.
The seminars are held in schools, in special places for seminars – events.

We are starting the first project on sexual education.

The seminars are affordable and accessible to everyone, with some seminar packages completely free for certain economically vulnerable groups.

Our purpose is, although the program is substantial and scientific, to maintain a “light” and pleasant atmosphere, with activities, discussions and games. That is, to be comprehensible and given in a manner commensurate with the age of the participants.

The seminars will be held live, in Greek as well as in English, observing health measures, or remotely, via a distance learning platform.

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