Greek with Nancy

How many foreigners live and work in Greece? 

How can they learn our language in a way that enhances their communication skills? 

With the motto “Speak Greek!” Live like a Greek!”, Greek with Nancy offers Greek language and culture lessons.

The need of foreigners to integrate into Greek society is the driving force behind every teaching plan. 

The aim is not only the teaching of grammar and words –which are sine qua non–, but also the integration of cultural and other elements.

How do Greeks speak and live in their daily lives? 

What can I say in every situation? 

What do I need to know to integrate more easily into the Greek reality? 

How much do I really know about the Greeks and how much more can I learn? 

The mission of Greek with Nancy is to give the answers to anyone who is interested in learning them, welcoming him/her to our country!

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