Founder&CEO, MyHabeats


Katie Milioni, PhD is a founder&CEO of MyHabeats, a start up in the digital health field. Our company is present at google play and app store with our very first product: the app which targets the patients who have undergone bariatric and metabolic surgery in order to help them adopt new healthy eating habits and lifestyle changes that last. Adherence to post surgery guidelines is our key driver and achieves outcomes long term. The patient’s autonomy and self care are our targeted goals. Based on behavioural science we aim at scaling up in other countries but also at expanding our product portfolio and collaborations. MyHabeats and myself are active members of Health Tech Nordic community, EIT health Network ( winners of two competitions in 2019) and of course proud members of Elevate Greece.

My seasoned experience in drug research and development has led me to dig deeper into patients’ experience and patient’s self care and autonomy.

Inspiration, passion and belief in what we are doing and the impact on people’s lives make me happy to continue…