Work Happiness Trainer

Giannis Metoikidis is a Work Happiness Trainer and the founder of RegBal, a consultancy firm dedicated to elevating happiness levels in every business. Giannis holds a degree in Medical Laboratories from the Athens Technological Educational Institute and a master’s in Infection Biology from the University of Skövde in Sweden. With 9 years of experience in major pharmaceutical companies, he is well-versed in the industry. 

Trained as a Business Trainer by the IslandofMan Academy, Giannis has since focused on fostering happiness in workplaces. His mission is to help entrepreneurs transform ideas into sustainable businesses, emphasizing the development of healthy human relationships in the workplace.  

Giannis Metoikidis is committed to creating environments where every worker can thrive, and every business can succeed through the power of happiness and positive relationships. 


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