Founder & Digital Marketer - Flow and Grow

Vanessa Matsouka is the founder of «Flow and Grow», providing Digital Marketing services to small/medium companies and freelancers in order boost their brand with a humane approach. 

You will find her organizing events and projects because she likes bringing people together too. 

She loves learning new things, her BCs is on Business Administration (Logistics expertise) and MSc is on Services Management (Customer Experience expertise) from Athens University of Economics and Business. 

She truly believes that the good Customer Experience is one of the most important things in entrepreneurship and sharpen all the difficulties that companies have. 

She has organized large festivals, events, projects and she is helping a lot of companies build their strategy, advertise their brands and have the best digital presence. Also, she tries to help people find the digital balance, by informing them about digital wellness through her website and events of Digital Detox Experience.

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