User Experience Designer

Anthi is a well-rounded User Experience designer and team mate with a multidisciplinary design background, a broad skillset and a deep understanding of the end-to-end design process, currently working on creative challenges that demand a strategic approach, a human-centered methodology and a deeply collaborative mindset. 

She studied MSc Design and Digital Media at The University of Edinburgh and Interior Architecture and Design at Technological Educational Institute of Athens but is forever studying and building her skillset on and around her domain expertise. 

So far she has taken on several roles focused on shaping the look, feel and behavior of digital products and services together with software developers, engineers, marketers and fellow designers, on a variety of freelance and corporate projects, small and large, as part of the same team or as an external collaborator. She is skilled in bringing together people from diverse backgrounds, bringing down communication silos, bringing forward a shared vision and a common language for her teams so that collaboration can happen in a more constructive, effective and pleasant way. 

A big fan of books and podcasts about design, behavioral and brain science, philosophy, sociology, psychology and leadership, owner of 2 dogs and a cat, seasoned runner and boxer, actively working on her own version of work-life integration.

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