Concrete has been an important material in the development of human civilization, providing a strong and durable building material for various structures and infrastructure projects, while also being economical, energy efficient and environmentally friendly. Today, modern concrete is typically associated with brutalist cityscapes or iconic architectural designs.

Humand’s goal is the creation of handmade objects for the home or office, made of concrete. From functional items such as lamps and clocks to decorative items such as coasters, pots, figurines and office supplies.

Each piece is designed and handcrafted by me, applying a combination of traditional techniques and modern manufacturing processes to ensure durability and timelessness. No piece is exactly the same as another, acquiring its own identity over time.
I believe in the longevity and durability of concrete, which is why I use it as the main construction material. Products are designed to stand the test of time, making sure to meet customer needs and preferences.

It is a business idea that continues to evolve in order to test the limits of concrete as a material in the field of design.