ILIAS, DIMITRIS & TILEMACHOS is an online platform for finding properties and event spaces throughout Greece. Its purpose is to bring more choices to the public, while at the same time supporting growing professionals in both industries.

In the real estate sector, Grestial is a new and easy-to-use option for those looking for properties for sale and rent. The main objective of the platform is to mediate and bridge communication between stakeholders and professionals.

At the same time, Grestial has developed the innovative “Market Analysis” tool, in which each registered professional (brokerage company, valuers, builders, etc.) can see in-depth analyzes of the real estate market in real time.

The user not only has the option to see a general picture of the market (for each region of Greece), but also to filter the analyzes very specifically, such as for example by the type of properties, their condition and the years of construction in the region wish.

Additionally, the way professionals are charged is not per property listing, as it is on other platforms, but per annual subscription plan. This allows the professional to list more ads and the interested user, to see real estate ads, which he cannot find on other similar platforms.

In conclusion, the tools offered by Grestial compared to the low prices, form a great value package for any type of user.

Regarding the field of events, Grestial has created an index with event venues from all over Greece, which provides solutions both to the owner of the venue and to the interested party who wants to hold an event.

The innovation lies in the fact that on Grestial’s platform, the interested party can find spaces for all budgets and for all types of events. Also, until now, there was no relevant index covering all types of events, as well as venues.

Our vision is for professionals, in both industries, to find value in the Grestial platform and for users to be able to find what they are looking for easily and quickly.

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