Holistic support for young in starting and developing their professional career

The two trusted partners of the Philanthropic Foundation of Prince Charles Prince’s Trust International, announce a new cooperation to tackle the global crisis in youth unemployment and offer youths in Greece full support for the beginning and development of their professional career.

Corallia and the Social Enterprise knowl strengthen their cooperation bonds by utilizing the dynamics and the excellent results of the Entrepreneurship (Be Your Own Boss) and Employability (Get Into, Ready2Work, Get hired) programs that implement for 4 th consecutive year, in order youths who prepare for entering the job market to have additional career options and be able to follow what suits them best.

The programs are offered for free and address to youth aged 18-35.
The global crisis and pressure that pandemic created to the labor market in Greece, and the lack of structured professional guidance in the training at all levels of entrepreneurship education results in reduced opportunities for youths in Greece. Thus, the Be Your Own Boss program is offered for free to youth aged 18-35. Participants have the opportunity to attend a 4-day interactive and free Explore Enterprise Course, where through workshops they explore the practical side of starting and running a business and decide if self-employment is right for them. After the Course, participants who are interested in moving forward to the next step, receive individual guidance for up to 12 months to develop, design and test their business idea and then mature their business plan. Participants who are ready to start their own business can present their business plan to the Business Launch Group, a group of business consultants that assesses the viability of their business plan. Finally, participants who reach that stage and start the business, have the opportunity to receive business mentoring for another 12 months to grow their business. Those participants who do not continue with the development of a business idea, have the opportunity to attend workshops aimed at development their professional career and their integration into the workspace.

If a participant decides that self-employment is not right for him at that time can continue receiving support by the Employability Program Get Into, Ready2Work, Get Hired
implemented by Social Enterprise knowl and receive the necessary skills (with an emphasis on soft skills) that link them to jobs offered by leading companies. Holistic support is offered for the integration of youth in starting and developing their professional careers. More specifically, the «Get Into» program offers intense and on the job training in a specific open job. The duration is usually 2 weeks. Those who successfully complete the program and are evaluated positively will immediately start working with the cooperating employer. The «Ready2Work» program provides fast training and an interview opportunity with the possibility of hiring between 2-4 days. Finally, the «Get Hired» program aims to organize meetings between candidates and employer where young people have the opportunity to get in touch with representatives of the companies that desire to work with, and which have open positions.

Young people who are interested in receiving support can register on the websites of the
For the Be Your Own Boss Program:
For the Employability Programs

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