Digital Marketing Dynamo, LEMONPIE

Maria is an experienced Digital Marketing Specialist, founder of Lemonpie Social Media Branding Agency, and an official Knowcrunch trainer. She was an official Google trainer in Greece and has worked with companies in London, India, Brussels, Berlin, Norway, and Amsterdam. 

Maria has a Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics from the University of Crete, and a BA (Hons) Marketing Management Degree from the Queen Margaret University in Edinburgh, with a research paper on how social media affects women’s body image. 

She started as a social media assistant and copywriter for small businesses in 2014; continued as a social media manager at the Mene & Jo Creative Digital Marketing Agency in Chania – her hometown – in 2018, to finally move to Athens in 2019 to chase her freelancer’s dream. Since then she has had 42+ satisfied companies, 7+ successful projects, 170+ hours of experience in teaching Digital Marketing, and 520+ students in collaboration with businesses, organizations, startups, and initiatives, among them the Grow Greek Tourism Online by Google Digital Workshops, OAED/Google Initiative (rating: 4,7/5), Women Do Business NPO, Prince’s Trust International, the Cube Athens, Orange Grove, Techstars Startup Weekend Athens COVID-19, Women Entrepreneurship Week Greece, and 100mentors. 

In 2020 Maria founded Lemonpie, a freelance Social Media Branding Agency, offering 360 Digital Marketing Services in collaboration with 15+ freelancers from all over the world, commission-free! Lastly, since 2020 she has been working in the chess industry, a niche market which made her fall in love even more with her sport (she is a 5-time Greek Chess Champion), but also with how social media can really inspire marketers to create more “personal” and quality content than commercial.