STARTAB offers support to young people aged 18-35 in finding and developing business ideas with the main goal of starting new sustainable businesses in our country. Specifically, Programme participants receive intensive business training through various Seminars. In addition, participants who complete the 4-day Entrepreneurship Seminar have the opportunity to receive consulting and business guidance from experienced mentors and entrepreneurs.

No, the Programme is offered completely free of charge, to young people aged 18-35.

STARTAB supports young men and women aged 18-35, unemployed or working part-time (less than 20 hours/week), who have a business idea, who do not already own a business and have the right to establish a business in Greece.

All that is needed is to fill in the Expression of Interest Form, then you will receive the invitation for the next stages of the Programme.

Once a Programme representative receives your application, they will send you the invitation to the next Information Session. By participating in the Information Session, you will learn more about all the stages of the Programme and you will be able to secure your participation in one of our next seminars.

The 4-day Entrepreneurship Seminar is held once a month, Monday – Thursday from 10:00 to 16:00, except August. You can return to the Home Page to find out the exact dates of the next Seminar.

Of course, STARTAB can support you as a team. All members of the team will need to be involved in the Programme so that you can receive mentoring as a team and present your idea together to the Business Launch Group. If this is not possible, a team member may attend the seminar and participate individually in the mentoring phase as a team representative.

In the 4-day Seminar as well as in all the Workshops we organize we use experiential examples making all of our Workshops interactive. Participants need to watch the delivery live, there is no possibility of asynchronous learning.

To be able to work with an experienced mentor who will guide you in your first business steps, you need to attend all 4 days of the Entrepreneurship Seminar. You then have the opportunity to receive consulting guidance for a whole year to complete your business plan and create your own business. To complete your participation in the Programme, you can present your business plan to the Business Launch Group, to receive valuable feedback that will help you in your first steps. With the start of your business, you have the opportunity to receive business guidance for another year to ensure the viability of your business.

Once you have completed the seminar and if you need guidance, you may fill out the Form. The assignment of a mentor is carried out by the STARTAB Programme Team, taking into account your business idea and your needs. The mentors in our network are able to guide the mentee in writing, training and maturing the business plan, as they have all received relevant training/updating from the Programme.

In order to move on to mentoring and participate in meetings with a mentor, one must have attended all the previous stages of the Programme.

The Programme does not offer funding, however it provides access to financial tools that can be used by participants.


If you are interested in becoming a volunteer Mentor in the Programme, all you have to do is fill out the Mentors’ Expression of Interest Form. If our team deems that you have the experience and the appropriate supplies to support the young people of the Programme, we will invite you to the next Mentors’ Training. These Trainings take place approximately every three months.

Thank you very much for submitting your application. If our team deems that you have the experience and the appropriate supplies to support the young people of the Programme, we will invite you to the next Mentor Training. These Trainings take place every three months.

STARTAB mentors hold one-on-one monthly meetings with Programme participants who are at this stage for one year from the start of mentoring. After each meeting, the mentor needs to send the meeting report to inform the Programme about the progress and development of the mentee.

The next step mentoring stage begins, for those interested participants, immediately after the completion of the 4-day entrepreneurship Seminar in order to support them in the creation of their business plan. Those participants who have completed the advisory guidance, have presented their business plan to the Business Launch Group, and managed to open their business in order to be supported in their first steps can go to the business mentoring stage.

The purpose of the mentoring guidance is to create an integrated Business Plan accompanied by its Financial Forecasts, which the mentee is invited to present to the Business Launch Group in order to lead him/her to the start of a new and sustainable business.

The mentor in business mentoring must support the new entrepreneur in his first steps to ensure the viability of the business. Our goal is to help young people in any business sector to create new and sustainable businesses.