The Sports Footprint team envisions sports, accessible to all, on a healthy and green planet. Thus, our mission is to help sports organizations, through the innovative sustainable solutions we provide, on their journey towards a more sustainable and environmentally friendly way of operating. At the same time, we raise fans’ awareness of social and environmental […]



The starting point in Mikres Svoures was the enthusiasm, fun and passion of the team so that the organization of children’s events would acquire our own stamp. From new ideas for parties, sewing unique costumes, suitable equipment, a unique spectacle is completed for both young and old! Focusing on the child, you can find us in: Wedding/Baptism […]



Ddiet We live in an era where free time is dwindling, while professional and family obligations increase. The lack of nutritional knowledge and time affect directly our food choices and therefore our health. The Greek statistical data show very high rates of obesity, cardiovascular and other diseases, which directly related to nutrition. Solutions are needed […]



About Us Onar, the alphabet of Greek beauty Onar Skin Wellness is a Greek woman-owned luxury spa skincare brand inspired by ancient Greek beauty recipes of the Minoans, the Homeric epics, and the Sages of Greece. Our high-end products and services, made from organic Greek ingredients, aim to take you on a journey through the essence […]



Sound Society is a music community with educational and human empathy. “Our vision is to give the artistic supplies and guidance so that people, regardless of age, music education, and “social level” can walk free from what hinders their life and soul! So our goal is the personal and artistic development of all the people […]


startab is an online platform for finding properties and event spaces throughout Greece. Its purpose is to bring more choices to the public, while at the same time supporting growing professionals in both industries. In the real estate sector, Grestial is a new and easy-to-use option for those looking for properties for sale and rent. The […]



The inspiration of this idea was based on two pillars of needs – problems of the modern Greek market. Initially, the competition between Greek companies in terms of finding suitable staff is great, as a result of which they are constantly trying to improve their services in relation to health and other sectors, in order […]



The idea came from the business world tending to take a new approach to running businesses to generate more value in the long run, based on the new ESG model that focuses on the environment, society and corporate governance. The purpose of the services is to provide solutions to SMEs that are interested in both […]



Studio Speis is a project of Melissanthi Spei.  Melissanthi as a fashion designer and artist opens her studio to the audience in order to create a community, a space accessible to everyone without huge participation fees. Fashion is an Αpplied Αrt, unfortunately quite misunderstood in Greece, that can have social character and operate with team […]



A’MOHR reflects fluidity and uniqueness, combines Scandinavian elegance with Greek simplicity. Creates a brand that borrows elements from two different cultures with equal importance for it. By combining material in a unique way, that determines the purity and attention to detail by giving form and shape to the materials being used. The brand is aimed […]

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