Born from the desire to create and explore, 11 Modern Muses is a cross between an art brand, an architectural, design studio & a branding agency based in Patras, Greece that shapes body, mind, and soul experiences for passion-led art lovers and encourage mindful living.


The business idea GOEZ.GR is the development and management of a web-based e-platform application (e.g. Airbnb & Uber), which is also smartphone-friendly. 


The Fitness Spot will be a well-designed space for individual and group training programs. Here, as clients are training, the intensity of the exercises will be monitored live through a technological system giving both the coach and client a better understanding of progress and overall performance.


Greek with Nancy

How many foreigners live and work in Greece?

How can they learn our language in a way that enhances their communication skills?


Humand Concrete has been an important material in the development of human civilization, providing a strong and durable building material for various structures and infrastructure projects, while also being economical, energy efficient and environmentally friendly. Today, modern concrete is typically associated with brutalist cityscapes or iconic architectural designs. Humand’s goal is the creation of handmade objects […]


Spring Bloom Educational seminars on sexual education for children and teenagers (including PWDs/PWDs of the same age group). In collaboration with the Hellenic Society of Adolescent Medicine, we aim to secure the right educational material and create a strategic partnership for conducting the seminars with suitable trainers.(probably undergraduate and postgraduate students of EKPA who would be […]


Grateful Property Management is a property management platform revolutionizing the way people buy, sell and rent properties in Greece. Our platform empowers users by providing a seamless and efficient end-to-end property management experience. We connect property owners, buyers and renters in Greece through our user-friendly platform, providing a hassle-free experience that simplifies the entire property management […]


Pajaritos Artjewellry and Artlab ‘’Artificial jewelry, made by hand with lots of love, as much unique as you!’’ Small artificial jewelry, made by hand with lots of love, as much unique as you! The jewelry are made of wood and clay, and they are drawn by hand. The laboratory is located at the same place […]


Utopian | Education Center Knowledge & skills for a successful life in the 21st century At Utopian we want to help you find the solution to questions such as: What should I study? How to find a job? How to change job? How can I grow in my job? How to make a proper diet […]


The Sports Footprint team envisions sports, accessible to all, on a healthy and green planet. Thus, our mission is to help sports organizations, through the innovative sustainable solutions we provide, on their journey towards a more sustainable and environmentally friendly way of operating. At the same time, we raise fans’ awareness of social and environmental […]