STARTAB has supported more than 1000 young men and women

The STARTAB Entrepreneurship Programme which focuses on entrepreneurship and life skills development has supported more than 1000 young men and women, providing free training, consultancy and business mentoring, business start-up support and access to a wide network of partners.

STARTAB Entrepreneurship Programme awards the Mentor of the Year


On Friday, September 29, the Mentor of the Year of the STARTAB Entrepreneurship Programme, a leading initiative that supports young aspiring entrepreneurs in Greece, was awarded at the Networking event for the Programme’s Mentors at the offices of Corallia, of the R.C. Athena in Marousi.

The event, which was dedicated to the STARTAB’s volunteer Mentors, who pass on their knowledge to young people who are interested in starting their own business, included inspirational speeches, panel discussions and information on the value of mentoring by Ms. Maria Zarotiadou, Managing Director at Plan of Business.

The first step for young people towards entrepreneurship


With the completion of another successful annual cycle, the STARTAB Entrepreneurship Program is now the first step for young people towards entrepreneurship in Greece, having helped nearly 1000 young men and women to explore it. The support and dedication of partners, volunteers and donors, led to the program being evaluated positively by 96% of participants, 87% of them reporting improvement in at […]

Two 4-day Entrepreneurship Seminars completed the success of the STARTAB Programme


Another successful cycle of the STARTAB Entrepreneurship Programme was completed in the best possible way. Two very successful cycles of 4-day Entrepreneurship Seminars. In February, a brainstorming session was organized, inspiring participants and giving them knowledge to turn their business ideas into reality. The in-person event gave them the opportunity to get to know each other in […]

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