The first step for young people towards entrepreneurship

With the completion of another successful annual cycle, the STARTAB Entrepreneurship Program is now the first step for young people towards entrepreneurship in Greece, having helped nearly 1000 young men and women to explore it. The support and dedication of partners, volunteers and donors, led to the program being evaluated positively by 96% of participants, 87% of them reporting improvement in at […]

Two 4-day Entrepreneurship Seminars completed the success of the STARTAB Programme

Another successful cycle of the STARTAB Entrepreneurship Programme was completed in the best possible way. Two very successful cycles of 4-day Entrepreneurship Seminars. In February, a brainstorming session was organized, inspiring participants and giving them knowledge to turn their business ideas into reality. The in-person event gave them the opportunity to get to know each other in […]

The STARTAB Entrepreneurship Program, at the University of Tripoli

The STARTAB Entrepreneurship Programme in collaboration with the Department of Administrative Science and Technology, University of Tripoli, held a live Information Session of the Programme. The Session took place on January 18 at the University premises. The students of the “Strategic Management, Quality Management and Human-Centered Technologies” workshop, who are looking for the next step in the […]

GRBossible “In Action” Youth Entrepreneurship Festival

The STARTAB Entrepreneurship Program participates in the GRBossible “In Action” two-day event organized for the fifth year by For another year at the National Research Foundation, you are organizing the established Young Entrepreneurship Festival. The two-day festival is dedicated to Greek entrepreneurship and its harmonization with the exciting challenges of today. On December 8, 2022 the conference is dedicated […]