UX Consultant | Design Mentor

Vasilis is a problem solver who creates visually stunning and highly functional user experiences. He started as a web designer but now takes a holistic design approach to solve complex problems with innovative solutions.

As a visionary designer, he is passionate about innovation, user-centered design, and problem-solving. He is a valuable asset to any team and a true force in the industry.

Vasilis is an avid learner who enjoys reading and listening to resources related to design, research, brain science, self-motivation, and leadership. He is also active in the open-source community, attending, organizing, volunteering, contributing to, and speaking at conferences and events.

During his free time, Vasilis enjoys running in the early mornings and participating in ultrarunning events. Photography and videography are powerful mediums that help him find inspiration in many ways, while running helps him clear his mind, reduce stress, and increase his focus and productivity at work. He believes that ultrarunning is an excellent way to challenge himself both mentally and physically.

Overall, Vasilis is a curious and active person who enjoys learning, exploring, and pushing his limits.

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