Seago is all about making boat travel easy and accessible for everyone. Through our app, we connect people with boat transfers quickly, just like booking a taxi but on the water.


Smirili Nature Experiences focuses on human’s connection with nature and consequently with themselves. We are organising together memorable nature-based experiences.


At CharismaWorks we know that effective communication is essential for success in any field.


FindYourCoach is the first digital business coaching platform in Greece

GEORGIOS is a marketplace app with short term rental properties (in hours or days or months) for parking & garage.

STARTAB has supported more than 1000 young men and women


The STARTAB Entrepreneurship Programme which focuses on entrepreneurship and life skills development has supported more than 1000 young men and women, providing free training, consultancy and business mentoring, business start-up support and access to a wide network of partners.

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