From the beginning of the Be Your Own Boss Programme in 2019, more than 2.000 applications have been submitted and 350 young people have been accepted in total to participate in all the Stages of the Programme. 125 of them have been assigned with Mentors, while 12 have started their own business and «became their own bosses».

The Success Stories of the Programme are continuously increasing. By the end of 2020, Stavros, Maria, Christina and Andromachi presented their separate ideas and received positive feedback concerning the viability of their business plans. 82% of the participants improved their general skills and 73% achieved entrepreneurship-related skills development.

The Programme is offered for free to young people aged 18-35. Participants have the opportunity to attend a 4-day business training, where through workshops they explore the practical side of starting and running a business and decide if self-employment is right for them. During the business training, entrepreneurs and speakers share their knowledge and experience in topics such as strategic, marketing, sales, law, logistics, insurance, etc. After the business training, participants who are interested in moving forward to the next step, receive individual guidance for up to 12 months to develop, design and test their business idea and prepare their business plan. Participants who are ready to start their own business can present their business plan for evaluation and lending to a group of business consultants that assesses the viability of their business plan.

In 2020, 11 business training cycles were completed. Efstathia stated for her experience: «It was joy and great fortune that I found this organization, I was stunned by how they offer their services free of charge and yet this doesn’t diminish their work and performance as most of the information is excellent, very well structured and lacks nothing». Eliezer mentioned for his participation: «The seminar was quite informative and helpful. I believe it’s a very good start for anyone thinking of starting something on his own». Comments of the participants who  ceive consulting guidance are also positive. Christina, who received personalized consulting guidance, said for the support she received: «My mentor helped me make my idea a reality. Our monthly meetings with my mentor helped me keep up with a schedule and motivated me not to give up, to keep trying and overcome all the difficulties that I faced during the process. Personally, not only guidance but also psychological support helped me».

In the deliveries of the Programme, there is a large increase at the satisfaction levels of youth in terms of their lives and their motivation for further education or training. The access given to more isolated areas of Greece through digital tradition and the feeling of «escape» from the unprecedented conditions of quarantine had a critical role in the increase.

The Programme aims to establish even more in Greece between 2021 and 2022 and evolve into the best entrepreneurship orientation Programme in the country. Through digital media, it will continue to support young people in starting their own business.

Anyone interested in starting their own business and receive support by the Entrepreneurship Programme can apply at

Anyone who would like to offer voluntary consulting guidance, can visit the Mentors sector in Programme.

The Be Your Own Boss Programme is delivered by Corallia with the support of  Prince’s Trust International  and is supported primarily by donors and supporters of Prince’s Trust International. At the local level, the Programme is supported by the Stelios Philanthropic FoundationAction Finance InitiativeKEMELdiaNEOsisMakios LogisticsOLYMPOS and more than 60 Mentor volunteers who hold one-to-one meetings with mentees once a month.

Through the Programme, we help young people develop and start successful and viable businesses. Our many years’ experience in supporting youth entrepreneurs and our powerful network of business consultants are valuable factors in supporting startups which will help restart the economy restart as we get out of the economic crisis.

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