Angelos, Hector, and Stavros presented their business plan after participating in the Entrepreneurship Program of Prince’s Trust International in Greece!

Needit is an application and online platform for renting a variety of products, which offers immediate and economical solutions for renting everyday items. It is aimed at businesses and individuals, who are either looking for tenants for a product they own or want to rent a product themselves for short-term use.

“A flexible platform for renting everyday items. We are often in a position to need an item for a few hours – days or want to try an item before buying it. The products are provided by companies as well as individuals. Unlike other markets, such as renting a house or car, there is no collection of options available and we intend to fill this gap. Finally, we offer everyday people the opportunity to generate additional income from the goods they do not use and we “open” the rental space to the public. Needit, Airbnb for everyday products.”

The participants attended the four-day entrepreneurship seminar and received individual guidance from mentor Vassilis Ioannitis (Thruwind).

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