Angelina Avrithi and Rodanthi Alexandri presented their business plan after their participation in the Entrepreneurship Programme of Prince’s Trust International in Greece, Be Your Own Boss!

CogniHub is a Cognitive Science student association and is voluntary and non-profit.

From the philosophy of mind to cognitive neuroscience, and from theoretical linguistics to artificial intelligence, Cognitive Science is an interdisciplinary object that studies the function of the mind and cognitive phenomena. It is an umbrella science, which combines individual sciences, such as Psychology, Linguistics, Informatics, Philosophy, and Neuroscience.

The goal of CogniHub is to bridge the gap between students in these subjects and to promote interdisciplinarity. Thus, by organizing lectures, interviews, webinars, and many more activities, we aim to be the link between students and experts.

Angelina and Rodanthi attended the four-day entrepreneurship seminar and received personalized guidance from mentor Katerina Karakoli.