Pajaritos Artjewellry and Artlab

‘’Artificial jewelry, made by hand with lots of love, as much unique as you!’’

Small artificial jewelry, made by hand with lots of love, as much unique as you! The jewelry are made of wood and clay, and they are drawn by hand. The laboratory is located at the same place with the shop, at the town of Kozani,  I. Tranta 24 street. My jewelry are addressed to women who, would like to choose jewelry and accessories of particular aesthetics, to highlight their own personal style and personality! Inseperable characteristics are the elegance and the quality of  the headbands, hats and handmade jewelry. Everything is made by hand and the inspiration is the colors, the seasons and a romantic and dynamic aesthetic that represents the creations! Everything is mat or glossy varnished for protection and resilience.

What else can we find at the Pajaritos Artjewellry and Artlab? Zamak, Brass and stainless steel are the materials that are preferred for their resilience and elegance, for my other kind of jewelry that you will find to the store.

Remaking old Furniture:

The procedure that we follow for the transformation of  the furniture has two main goals: The resilience at the everyday use and the second more creative part. The classic old furniture that, usually have emotional value, are ready after the remake to be matched with our needs, our personal aesthetic and our personal space!

What makes people choose the creations or the remake services at the laboratory?

 The aesthetic perception, a gift option for a loving person or our need to buy something  as a present for ourselves. A value for money purchase, that tends to bring beautiful feelings to whoever wears or chooses it!

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