Anastasia Skopeliti, after attending the 4-day Entrepreneurship Seminar, proceeded to the stage of Next Step Mentoring. With the valuable help of her mentor, Mr. Paris Andreou, she managed to complete her business plan and present it to the Business Launch Group.

“Through this journey, I recognized and understood all my potential for business freedom and development. I harnessed my strengths through powerful techniques in a wide range covering the 4-day seminar. That journey was completed with my mentor’s guidance and the valuable feedback from the Business Launch Group” says Anastasia.

Now, she is watching her business idea “Harmony at Home”, a standard counseling program for parents, becoming a real business.

More specifically, for parents who have children aged 2-6 years with behavioral and communication problems, “Harmony at Home” is an online parenting education program that helps them communicate effectively with their children and have a harmonious climate at home within 7 weeks.

Unlike “traditional” parenting education programs, “Harmony at Home” is the only program that builds a balanced relationship between the child and his environment (parents, siblings, friends, classmates) and the parent with himself resulting in the parent having better relationships with all the people in his life.

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