STARTAB Entrepreneurship Programme is delivered by Corallia with the support of Prince’s Trust International and it is offered free of charge to young people. If you are between 18 and 35 years old, you are unemployed or work part-time, you do not already have an existing business, you have the right to establish a company but in Greece, as well as a business idea that you wanted to do, then the STARTAB Entrepreneurship Programme is here to support you every step of the way.

Participants have the opportunity to develop a business idea through a specialized Workshop and then attend a 4-day interactive and free Entrepreneurship Course, where through workshops they explore the practical side of starting and running a business and decide if self-employment is right for them.

After the 4-day Entrepreneurship Course, those participants who wish to proceed, receive mentoring guidance for up to 12 months in order to develop, design and test their business idea and then mature their business plan.

Those who are ready to start their own business can present their business plan to the Business Launch Group, a team of business consultants that assesses the viability of their business plan. Finally, participants who reach that stage and start the business, have the opportunity to receive business mentoring for another 12 months to grow their business.

Those participants who do not continue with the development of a business idea, have the opportunity to attend workshops aimed at developing their professional career and their integration into the workplace

Programme Stages

Stage 1 | Let's Meet

Information Sessions

Attend a free Information Session to find out what the Programme involves and how we can support you. Just fill out your details on the online Application Form and you will receive an invitation for the next Information Session.


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Stage 2 | Develop a Business Idea


Are you interested in entrepreneurship but have not yet found the right business idea? Attend the all-day Business Ideation Seminar, learn about market trends and develop your own business idea.


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Stage 3 | Explore Entrepreneurship​

Explore Enterprise Course

Participate in an engaging and interactive four-day course that gives you the chance to learn about the practical side of starting a business. The free course includes the following:

Day 1: Is self-employment right for you and what are the advantages and disadvantages compared to employment? You will discover these through an interactive discussion with a business expert who will give you inspiration and vision for your next steps. We will also discuss your personal goals and skills, explore legal structures and the Value Proposition Canvas.

Day 2: Marketing, digital marketing and selling. How we find the market target? Where will you sell your product and how will you price it properly? Which promotions are effective for your business and how will you make market research and competition analysis? How will you maintain and value your customers?

Day 3: Taxes and insurance. How do we find the break-even point of a business? How do we complete the financial forecasts in a business plan? We will focus on finance, including pricing, selling, and managing your money in a business.

Day 4: It’s never too late to start thinking of your business plan. How will you design your business plan? We will test all the next steps. Do you know what an Elevator pitch is and how will you do it? We will be concerned about innovation, sustainable development and the business environment in Greece. Learn about the benefits of the consulting guidance. A mentor will talk about this stage and explain how you will receive the support you need.

After completing the 4-day Explore Enterprise Course in case you realize that entrepreneurship is not right for you at the given time, you can continue to receive support from the Programme, in collaboration with Knowl, within your personal importance and labor market integration.


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Stage 4 | Develop Your Business Plan

Next Step Mentoring

When starting Mentoring, a mentor will support you for up to 1 year, with monthly meetings, so that you can design, develop and test your business idea in real conditions and prepare your business plan.


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Stage 5 | Launch Your Business


Is your Business Plan ready? Present it to the Business Launch Group, receive useful tips and ensure its viability. By participating in this stage, you automatically earn a place for the Youth Entrepreneurship Awards of the Programme.


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Stage 6 | Grow Your Business​


Have you started your business? You can continue receiving support from the Programme by having access to useful financial tools and the opportunity to receive Business Mentoring by experienced mentors, for a whole year, with the aim of running a sustainable business.

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Who we are

Part of The Prince’s Trust group of charities, Prince’s Trust International has been supporting young people worldwide since 2015. The organisation was founded by HM The King Charles lll when he was still Prince of Wales, to tackle the global crisis in youth unemployment, building on four decades of experience in the UK.

The mission of Prince’s Trust International is to empower young people to learn, earn and thrive, providing opportunities to develop the skills and confidence to succeed and delivering tangible employment outcomes. By blending their expertise with a global network of local partners, Prince’s Trust International develops programmes and interventions to help young people to build their own futures.

Prince’s Trust International is committed to amplifying the voices of young people on the global stage and putting their needs at the very heart of the design and delivery of work. This complements global efforts to deliver the Sustainable Development Goals, particularly those relating to quality education and decent work.

The programmes and interventions delivered by Prince’s Trust International and its partners are now present in 18 countries within the Commonwealth and beyond, across Asia, Africa, the Caribbean, the Middle East and Europe. Prince’s Trust International has supported more than 70,000 young people worldwide since 2015.

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Corallia was established in 2005 as a Unit of the Athena Research Centre with the vision of supporting Greece’s “sciences, innovation, entrepreneurship and culture to flourish” and specific goals to promote a “Joy of Creation” culture and support the development of state-of-the-art services and products with the imprint “Innovation Made in Greece”.

To achieve its visionary goals, Corallia acts as a facilitator for the organized and systematic development of innovation ecosystems (clusters), the management of business incubators and youth entrepreneurship programs, the technology transfer from academic/research actors to industry, and the implementation of regional development initiatives with emphasis on cutting-edge technology, knowledge-intensive, and export-oriented sectors.

Along with the STARTAB Programme, Corallia implements a series of further initiatives to support entrepreneurship in collaboration with key partners and supporters such as the egg-enter.grow.go business acceleration programme in partnership with Eurobank, Hackathons, Career Days, Internships Days, Networking Days, etc.

It also implements the ESA BIC Greece Program to support the incubation of Greek startups that are active in the development of solutions and services based on space and space-enabled technologies. Corallia has coordinated three highly specialized technology clusters in Greece, with more than 160 members, namely the gi-Cluster (Digital Creative Industries Technologies & Applications), mi-Cluster (Nano / Microelectronics Systems & Applications) and si-Cluster (Space Technologies & Applications) and has been awarded the Gold Label Certification of Excellence for their management.

In addition, Corallia manages the operation of the α2-innohub Business Innovation Center in Athens and has obtained the EU | BIC certification of excellence. Corallia is certified with ISO 9001: 2008, based on the TUV NORD CERT procedures, for its program management system, and has developed strong links with major European policy makers as well as international strategic partnerships.

For the implementation of its actions, Corallia collaborates with many private and public sector institutions as well as with numerous volunteers and experts. For its overall contribution and impact, it has been awarded several times, at national and European level, in terms of its contribution to regional development, improving competitiveness, enhancing innovation and, in general, its contribution to the prosperity and growth of the Greek society and economy.

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Located next to the port of Thessaloniki, in the northern part of Greece, MAKIOS LOGISTICS provides integrated logistics services. A family business with a 90-year old history, that operates two Logistics Centers in the area of Thessaloniki and handles goods in containers, pallets, boxes and single pieces. The fleet of the company consists of 310 trucks in Greece and in the Balkans. MAKIOS LOGISTICS through a constantly upward course is today the leading Logistics Service Providing company in the country and its competitive advantage is based on the high quality and the variety of services provided. Investment in efficient assets and IT solutions guarantees the value of the services provided. “With a customer and quality oriented team, our strategy is to provide our clients state of the art services”

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diaNEOsis is an organization that

  • produces research on the most important issues of our time. Its studies arrive at concrete policy proposals.
  • conducts in-depth investigative journalism reports.
  • produces open data research and related projects.
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Eurobank is a leading banking group with operations in six countries, offering a comprehensive range of financial products and services to individuals and corporate clients.

Since 2013, Eurobank in cooperation with Corallia, implements egg – enter grow go, the most successful business accelerator in Greece that offers personalized services to start-ups, with the aim of developing them, attracting financial opportunities and networking with the Greek and international market.

In these 10 years, they created the most complete business accelerator in Greece, addresses Start-Up & Scale-Up companies and provides Mentoring by distinguished executives and market experts. In addition, they provide an integrated Infrastructure & Networking system, assist in attracting investment and funding, and create innovative partnerships (academic community). Finally, they are connected with International Innovation Ecosystems (Tel Aviv, Boston, Toronto, Barcelona, ​​etc.), supports Women Entrepreneurship and created a specialized Cluster for Tourism & Culture, having the timeless trust of distinguished countries of the country.

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HELLENIC DAIRIES S.A. is a 3rd generation family business, active in the field of dairy products, continuing its uninterrupted operation with an offer to the Greek economy and primary production. It has a presence both in the Greek market and in 47 countries abroad. The deep and unshakable belief that behind every good thing there is something even better and the stable and firm philosophy for the production of safe and quality products has resulted in a focus on the use of quality raw materials thus ensuring quality and safety, two factors that are ranked among first places in the hierarchy of priorities.

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The Programme is fully adapted to the current international developments regarding sustainable and sustainable development. It is based on the European Green Agreement which is the roadmap for achieving the sustainability of the economy at national and European level and the emergence of Europe as the first climate-neutral continent. It is based on the development of a sustainable economy characterized by innovation, sustainable and efficient use of resources and the contribution to mitigating climate change. Reconciles the needs for sustainable primary production, for sustainable utilization of renewable natural and biological resources with a view to their use in primary, secondary and tertiary production, while ensuring through bio-monitoring and monitoring of the environment, biodiversity and environmental protection jobs and businesses using technology and innovation.

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Anatolia College is governed by a Board of Trustees with headquarters in Boston, Massachusetts. Approximately half of the Trustees reside in the New England region while most of the remainder represent other areas of the United States. Several Trustees are Greek residing in Greece. The Trustees maintain an office in Boston to conduct fund-raising and otherwise serve the College. The Boards primary goals are to ensure that Anatolia remains financially strong and continues to provide an exemplary educational program, one of which its students and their parents, its faculty, its graduates, its employees and the citizens of Greece will be forever proud.

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Committee on Innovation and Entrepreneurship of the University of Peloponnese.
Its purpose is the continuation and enrichment of actions of the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Unit (MOKE) of the University of Peloponnese. The committee aims to create its work described below:
1. Seminars, Scientific Days, Symposiums, summer schools and Conferences related to Entrepreneurship and Innovation, by executives of companies, business machines and specialized Professors of Greek and foreign Universities.
2. Provision of know-how (best-practices), transfer of good practices (best praktiks) and organization of consulting (mentoring) in matters of creating Business Plans (Business Plans), finding innovative ideas and developing creativity, addressed to the three students of the University of Peloponnese . .
3. Conducting competitions for the best business idea that will be attended by three students in collaboration with companies of the Peloponnese Region.
4. Cooperation with organizations and companies at home and abroad, which cultivate Innovation and Entrepreneurship, such as other HEIs, International Economic Organizations, Chambers of Commerce and Industry, Municipalities, Regions, Non-Governmental Organizations, Small and Medium Enterprises, large enterprises and multinationals. The aim is to pursue joint actions to maintain revenue for the University of Peloponnese.
5. Finding innovative initiatives by members of the academic community (faculty members, faculty, etc., students) and supporting their implementation and especially their funding.
6. The creation of a Business Incubator (and long-term Science-Technology Park in the Peloponnese Region and the connection of the research activity of the University of Peloponnese with the production base and businesses in Greece and abroad.
7. Revenues that will result from Entrepreneurship and Innovation activities (participation in NSRF programs, Sponsorships, Donations, etc.) could also cover general expenses of the University of Peloponnese.

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Epixeiro.gr is trying to inform the interested companies, the potential investors, but also the general public about the developments in matters that will concern them as much as possible more valid and timely. The purpose of the website is not just to publish entrepreneurship news, but to become the means of a direct, continuous, and productive communication of the business community, where each of its users will be able to utilize its interactive character internet.

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The ACADEMY  OF  ENTREPRENEURSHIP  (AKEP)   is  a  non-governmental,  non-profit organization founded in 2007 by the historical Educational Association of Athens “HFAISTOS” and aiming to create a healthier entrepreneurial environment on a national and European level, and trying to support young people who wish to make their innovative entrepreneurial ideas come true. AKEP’s main objective  is  the  cultivation  of  the  essential  entrepreneurial  attitude  and  transfer  of  the  necessary knowledge to trainers of new entrepreneurs  who  are  now entering  the  labour  market  and  to already  active entrepreneurs, wishing to establish themselves and expand their operations both within Greece and abroad. 

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Bossible.gr has been created by skywalker.gr and holds GRBossible Young Entrepreneurship Festival (“I share now and I’m inspired tomorrow “,” Explore your business self “,” As soon as bossible “,” Business Sustainability “), Online Conferences (” We are all Startups “,” Innovation in agri-food “, “StartUp Today”) and Business Days “Business Transfer”, “Entrepreneurship perspectives and work in tourism”).

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The Stelios Philanthropic Foundation’s mission is to support a diverse range of charitable activities, primarily in places where the founder has lived and worked – the UK, Greece, Cyprus and Monaco.

Activities of the Foundation:

1. Helping the neediest people in Greece and Cyprus with “Food From The Heart”.
2. Promoting lasting peace on the island of Cyprus.
3. Donating money to other charities with a diverse range of causes – mainly in the four home countries named above.
4. Supporting disabled entrepreneurs with cash prizes to stimulate economic growth and job creation in their communities.
5. Funding scholarships for young people.

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The Center for Volunteer Managers of Greece (KEMEL) is composed of active and former senior executives of companies, who share common experiences from their many years of career in Greek and multinational companies and organizations and who have the same strong willingness to volunteer in society. The members of KEMEL provide their business experience and expertise voluntarily and free of charge to social organizations, small businesses and young entrepreneurs, who have limited means and capabilities in order to achieve their goals.

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AFI is a ‘Non-Profit Citizens’ Company that provides access to micro-loans of up to 12,500 euros to aspiring entrepreneurs who are unable to find funding from other sources. At the same time, AFI’s staff, in collaboration with its network of volunteers, provides free business support before and after the loan which is tailored to the needs of the micro-entrepreneur. AFI is the leading microfinance organization in Greece with over 6 years of experience supporting more than 425 companies with funding of over 4 million euros.

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McVictor&Hamilton is a full service Advertising Agency that acts as a catalyst in initiating, building and maintaining profitable relationships between brands and their target groups. Its’ aim is to create powerful emotional bonds between brands and their consumers. This leads to positive reactions toward the brand and sets the foundation for brand loyalty.

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Providing high quality learning, coaching and HR Services, Startup & New Business clients are armored with essential leadership skills and HR tools that will embolden them to effectively drive their venture to success by leveraging the most of their human treasure in a challenging business world. Startup Pathways is a team of experienced Professionals in HR, Personal Development, & Coaching, dedicated to upgrade the Greek Startup Ecosystem and to bring closer the Corporate Market with Startup mindset.

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The Bizrupt team is an initiative of volunteers who envision through their actions, such as Open Coffee Heraklion and Fuckup Nights Heraklion, highlighting and strengthening the intense dynamism and unique ideas that exist in the business – and not only – ecosystem of Crete. 

100mentors educates humans to become better listeners and inquirers. Its mission is to empower 100 million learners by 2025 to get the most out of their mentoring relationships and make their once-in-a-lifetime decisions more consciously.

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