ParentED: A business that meets the needs of the modern family, supported by the STARTAB Programme

Vasiliki Vakalopoulou created a special business driven by the needs of the modern family, with the support of the STARTAB Entrepreneurship ProgrammeParentED is based on the fact that education of children and parents is the means of human development to improve lifestyles.

ParentED aims at harmonizing family relationships, improving the parental role, graduating young people from school with a harmonious personality and developing independent critical thinking in young people. It is the first website that offers parents the opportunity to find the right professional child support, combined with the opportunity to educate and inform themselves on matters related to the cultivation and development of skills, management and guidance of children and also the harmonization of their relationships.

The company is based on two main axes. The first is related to parent education, which is not a piecemeal process but a strategy of continuous support for them, and is achieved through open-ended questions and seminars. The second axis focuses on the needs of children and adolescents for quality education, advisory guidance and the development of an independent critical spirit.

Regarding her participation in the Program, Vasiliki said: “The program was the driving force for me to start looking at my life as an entrepreneur. As a mentee I received valuable insights into all aspects of my work and life. My mentor provided me with advice, knowledge and feedback every step of the way, while supporting me with his experience and helping me figure out how to put my idea into practice.

The purpose of the STARTAB Entrepreneurship Programme is to empower young people with the skills and guidance they need to start their own business, achieve financial independence and change their lives. The Programme provides ongoing training and support to aspiring entrepreneurs, helping them build a solid foundation for their businesses. The Programme has many successful ideas and businesses that have been created with its help and are constantly growing, contributing to the self-employment of young people throughout Greece.